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Nimikilpi - Sisäopasteet - Signa
Nimikilpi - Sisäopasteet - Signa
Nimikilpi - Sisäopasteet - Signa
Nimikilpi - Sisäopasteet - Signa

A small and important nameplate points out the right people and activities. The material can be natural, powder-coated aluminium, acrylic, glass or even wood. We have various examples to brainstorm with.

Wall and ceiling signs

Maalattu metalli
Riippuopaste - Sisäopasteet - Signa
Seinäopaste - Satiini - Akryyli ja tarra
Seinäopaste - Akryyli

Ceiling-mounted  hanging signs used to guide public spaces serve this purpose well even in congested areas, and wall-mounted signs provide even more precise information. The signs can be made with CoSign profiles or different plate surfaces. The attachment is used to finish the appearance of the sign. 

Sign holders

Taskuopasteet - Signa
Taskuopasteet - Signa
Päivitettävä taskuopaste
Päivitettävä taskuopaste

Upgradable signs in holders according to architectural plans are available. We can combine an acrylic pocket with wood or painted aluminium to give it a new look.

Sticker signs

Puu ja tarra
Uusi lastensairaala - Tarraopaste - Signa Oy

Plastic sticker texts, numbers and symbols guide visitors through a premises. We use high-quality materials that will last for years even in harsh conditions. We will help you choose the most suitable material, taking into account the mounting surface and intended use. 

Real estate signs

Metalli ja akryyli
THL - Ulko-opaste

The plan for a large property includes a wide range of signs; There are plenty of pictures for ideas and good examples of the actual project outcomes to be found here. Ask us to help you brainstorm!