Indoor signs

Decades’ worth of expertise and experience in major sign projects


A small but important sign that takes you to the right services and people. We offer a versatile range of materials from natural-coloured or powder-coated aluminium to acrylic, glass and wood. Our model designs are a great source of inspiration.

Wall and ceiling signs

In public spaces, hanging signs fixed to the ceiling serve the purpose even in crowded places and wall-mounted signs are useful and informative. The signs are produced by using Cosign profiles or different types of panels. The method of attachment adds the finishing touches to the sign.

Pocket signs

We provide pockets signs according to the architectural plans. Combining an acrylic pocket with wooden or painted aluminium elements gives the sign a refreshing look.


Adhesive text, numbers and symbols help to guide people when in your property. We use high-quality materials that can last years, even in demanding conditions. We will help you to choose the best material for your surface and site.

Property signs

The design of a large property involves a wide variety of signs, including property numbering, stairway signs, and apartment- and room-specific signs. We have a number of designs and examples of successful projects for inspiration. We would be happy to brainstorm your sign system with you!

Outdoor signs