Letters and shapes

Eye-catching designs

Detachable letters and shapes can be used to create text, logo or informative elements in a variety of ways. We use a wide range of materials, such as copper, brass, aluminium, plastic and wood. By combining different materials, we can create eye-catching designs that bring your company’s entrance and public spaces to the next level.

Indoor spaces

Detachable letters can be used to create eye-catching logos and signs for your property’s entrance. Choose from a wide variety of materials from wood and aluminium to acoustic tiles or acrylic. Combine materials to create interesting designs cost-effectively. The letters can also be illuminated.

Different materials and techniques, such as milling, bending, cutting into different shapes and powder painting, are always combined flexibly according to the architectural plans.

Outdoor spaces

Weatherproof materials and professional installation guarantee a long-lasting and eye-catching effect. Careful lighting design also plays an important role in outdoor space design.

Accessible signs


Glass films and labels