Products to add finishing touches to your space

Screens and large image surfaces

You can find all the decor products needed for adding finishing touches to your space and branding in our extensive product catalogue. We produce screens and large image surfaces with photo wallpapers, acoustic tiles or different types of boards. We would be happy to help you choose the best materials and solutions for your space. We also provide installation services.

Acoustic products

A space with good acoustics has a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. An adequate amount of acoustic material minimises echoes and allows people’s voices to be heard clearly. Generally, the best approach to acoustics is to design the solution, e.g. an acoustic ceiling, during the early stages of the project. The acoustics of the space can be improved later by installing acoustic tiles to the ceiling and walls. Acoustic tiles are also a visual element and there is a wide range of options available today. Acoustic tiles come in many shades and shapes and they can be customised by painting or printing images on them.

Tailor-made furniture

Tailor-made furniture finish the look of the space and make it practical. Our workshop produces custom-made wooden and metal furniture according to your desires. Our skilful carpenters, CNC milling services and flatbed printers make even the wildest requests possible – cost-effectively.’s ready-to-use product applications give ideas and ready-made image options for project decoration as well


Installation and maintenance