Supercell Woodcity

The architecture of Supercell’s new headquarters in Jätkäsaari is stunning. Every detail has been carefully considered and executed with care.

The game’s characters move around on different surfaces including wooden elements, glass films and brass signs.

We were honoured to be involved in the implementation of several product solutions. The privacy films were printed on 3M Clearview films and the opacities were initially adjusted with the customer to suit the space and purpose.

The restaurant’s brass lettering was made thicker to make it more impressive. Brass as the only material was heavy but the issue was solved with the client and architect by painting the lower part of “MDF” in a brass colour.

All other signs at Woodcity were also customised to suit the premises while respecting the magnificent architecture of the building.

Congratulations on your new home, Supercell heroes!