Saltex participated in the FSB exhibition in Köln in autumn 2019. The department, which received positive feedback, created a unique setting to meet customers and present products.

Saltex, part of the Unisport Group, a Nordic market leader in sports facility construction, specialises in the production, development, sale and supply of artificial grass pitches, surfaces and surfaces for sports facilities and sports halls of various sizes. Saltex participated in the FSB exhibition in Köln, in autumn 2019 with a 88 m2 size stand.
The starting point for the design was to present the company’s brand and products in a fresh way and create a comfortable setting to meet customers and partners. The company’s main product, an artificial grass pitch and its components, was not only to be integrated into the stand but also to create solutions that could later be used for product demonstrations in the company’s own premises.

Products on display and brand visibility

The floor of the showroom was covered with Saltex’s artificial grass. Carpenter-made product display shelves were used for the product demonstration point. At the end of the exhibition, the shelves were delivered to the company’s factory in Alajärvi. Stylish meeting rooms ensured a calm environment for discussions with stakeholders and customers. LED screens were used as attention-grabbers in the ward, placed in a prominent position on the elevated structures of the ward. Standi’s AV technician was present throughout the event to ensure the quality and functionality of the service.

“The fair went really well and the feedback we received was nothing but positive, both from our own staff and our customers. Standi People Ltd’s on-site and pre-event contacts made participation worry-free and the end result exceeded our expectations.”
says Sami Verno, Marketing Director at Unisport.