Matinkylä Swimming Hall

Case Matinkylä Swimming Hall

Espoo’s new indoor swimming pool with eight 50-metre lanes will please even the most demanding swimmers. Signa Oy provided the exterior and interior signs, as well as the traffic signs for the surrounding area and the parking.

The signs emphasise the requirements of the accessibility plan, as the site is a public building and used by all segments of the population of all ages. Signa Oy has invested heavily in new technology over the last few years. The elevated maps and tactile floor indicators in Braille for the swimming pool were produced in-house at Signa Oy.

Several wave and swimmer figures were painted on the walls of the swimming pool using stencils. Some of the figures are large, even several metres high.

The technical and official signs, for example, the identification numbers on the doors which are also abundant here, are often overlooked by the visitors. The hall is rich in glass-foil markings with attention stripes.