Sushi restaurant Fuku has a warm and elegant interior. The combination of black and wood creates an elegant outcome.

Fuku, a restaurant serving a varied selection of sushi, opened in Espoo’s Iso Omena in April 2017. The customer wanted the atmosphere of the restaurant to be elegant and warm. The customer also wanted us to use black and wood as the main colour and material for the interior.

Visibility with wooden grilles

Fuku’s previously opened restaurants have used wooden wall grilles and they wanted to use them as elements in the new restaurant too. However, most of the wall surfaces in the restaurant were glass so the wooden grille changed into a ceiling element in the hands of the Stand’s designer. The grille was combined with lighting to add elegance and draw the customer directly from the main entrance to the service point.

Japanese visuality

The walls of the Fuku restaurant are decorated with an adapted Japanese ASANOHA pattern – a popular and traditional graphic element in Japan. The chairs, bar stools and lighting in the restaurant were chosen by the customer and all furniture choices are in line with the other existing Fuku restaurants. The craftsman’s skills of Standi’s carpenters can be seen in the cash counter, which was designed and installed to match the look and feel of the rest of the interior.

Standi has also designed and implemented a Fuku in the Forum shopping centre in Helsinki.