Irtokirjaimet - Sisäopasteet

For indoor facilities

Irtokirjaimet - Sisäopasteet - Harjattu teräs
Irtokirjaimet - Ulko-opasteet - Muotoonleikattu akryyli
Metalli ja akryyli

Loose letters are used to make eye-catching entrance logos and signs. Materials can be wood, aluminium, or acrylic, for example. Combinations of materials can be used to achieve spectacular results without losing cost-effectiveness. The letters can also be illuminated.

The combination of different materials and processes such as milling, bending, shaping and powder coating are always carried out in accordance with architectural plans.

For the outdoors

Haartmanin sairaala - Irtokirjaimet
Kohokirjaimet - Tapitettu teräs
Ulko-opasteet - Katto-opaste

Weather-resistant materials and professional installation ensure a long-lasting and impressive outcome. Well-designed lighting also plays an important role outdoors.