Toimistokohteet - Signa Oy

Working environments change constantly.  Doing work has changed and there are many changes needed for the work premises. The number of workstations is being reduced and business premises are being transformed into spaces that are more conducive to teamwork.  Often, there is also a need to adapt facilities to support remote negotiations and meetings.

Toimistokohteet - Signa Oy
Supercell - Signa Oy
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Modula - Signa Oy

A good working environment serves employees and customers alike. A corporate identity can be built in many ways and with various budgets. We are happy to help and can go through some examples of our products with you.

The acoustics of the working environment is important when discussing the comfort of the premises. The acoustics of a room can be improved quite simply with picture boards, larger boards, or screen products. Presentation techniques are also important more than ever to conduct teleconferences and training sessions for large audiences.

We represent the Module collection; it is easy to create a furniture-like, peaceful space.