Haiku - Jyväskylä - Signa Oy
Onam - Tripla - Signa Oy

We will create a restaurant interior that sets the mood and supports your operational objectives.

An atmosphere of a restaurant is experienced with all senses. Cosiness is created by the controlled use of space, materials used in the interior design, pleasant lighting, and visual elements. 

Restaurant décor concepts

Fuku - Iso Omena - Signa Oy
Onam - Forum - Signa Oy
Kita - Eteläesplanadi - Signa Oy

We can create restaurant implementations based on ready-made plans or we can be involved in designing the concept with you.

The concept of the interior décor ensures that the visual appearance of your restaurants remains consistent and recognisable. In the concept, we define the visual appearance, furniture design and material choices to support your objectives. We consider the possibilities of different commercial spaces and make them functional.

Restaurant implementations with quality

We ensure the quality of implementation through our professional project management and self-sufficient production.

Our project managers take care of furniture, lighting, and material procurement. If necessary, we can also support you with the technical modifications required for your premises. The renovation and installation of the restaurant will be carried out by our own team of professionals.

When all services come from under the same roof, the project moves forward flexibly, both in terms of implementation and schedules. Alterations and additional work can be carried out seamlessly and quickly as there are no long subcontracting chains.


Get to know our customers:

Haiku - Jyväskylä - Signa Oy


Sushi buffet, Haiku, in a maritime atmosphere focuses on quality in service and décor.

Fuku - Iso Omena - Signa Oy


Sushi restaurant, Fuku, has a warm and elegant interior. The combination of black and wood creates an elegant outcome.

Momotoko - Iso Omena - Signa Oy


Restaurant Momotoko’s interior mixes Scandinavian design with Asian street food in an inventive way.