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Tilamuutokset - Signa Oy
Tilamuutokset - Signa Oy

Comes with every step of the way

We will be with you during all stages of the remodelling: specification, design, implementation, and installation. Our modern in-house production enables us to carry out everything from large-scale to small refreshing changes.

When it comes to remodelling premises, our main starting point is based on creating lasting space experiences to support your business. We will be your partner in each step of the remodelling stage and work in seamless cooperation with all stakeholders. In this way, you will be left with more time to run your daily business.

We produce customised solutions such as signs, AV-solutions, made-to-measure furniture, and large format printing in our own production facilities. We deliver an exceptional facility experience that exceeds expectations just the way you want it.  Our skilled head of projects makes sure that everything runs smoothly and stays within budget. 

1. Needs assessment

2. Participatory design

3. Structural design

4. Demolition of premises

5. Manufacturing and procurement

6. Delivery and installation

7. Maintenance