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Signs and shapes.

The guidance should be clear and quick to adopt, even on dark winter evenings. Energy-efficient LED lighting can be connected to the external signs of the sign masters, and lighting is an integral part of many indoor signs.

Traditionally, signs are made on an aluminum base, but in recent years, various plastics and acrylics have risen alongside aluminum. With the durable UV-level printing technology, map images and texts of the signs can be produced in a high-quality and cost-effective manner for a wide variety of materials.

In addition to our own signage profiles, we have a very versatile CoSign signage profile system, with products ranging from small name signs to the largest outdoor signposts, from door signs to double-sided display cases. CoSign shows direction and brings with it a breath of modern European guidance.


art4u and Signmasters are the same company, so even large signage projects are carried out through us. In addition to the traditional implementation of signs, signs can also be a big part of the building’s architecture and interior today. More spectacular signs make the signs appropriate to the space and support the other architecture of the space. When the needs of the space and the company allow it, new colors, materials, shapes and presentations are sought for the signs.

We mainly act as subcontractors for construction companies in signage contracts. We manufacture signs with state-of-the-art production technology in Juvanmalmi, Espoo, where there are now more than twenty enthusiastic pairs of hands.