Suurkuvatuloste - Akryyli
Suurkuvatulosteet - Signa Oy

Large picture surfaces create an atmosphere in offices. The image can be made on different plate surfaces or as a photographic wallpaper. Large sheet materials such as wood, plastic, acoustic board, cardboard, decals, and metal can be printed up to 3200mm in size.

We have a wide range of printers at our disposal which allow us to optimise the manufacturing process of the work ordered by the customer in the best possible way for each material in question. Our versatile production can accommodate even the most demanding designs.

Suurkuvatulosteet - Signa Oy
Suurkuvatulosteet - Akryyli

Large picture surfaces in an office space add to the atmosphere. With a wide range of materials to choose from, an acrylic surface has a striking and dignified appearance. Light wood surfaces sit well in a Scandinavian style and they also work beautifully with simple visual themes. A metallic surface, for example, is ideal for industrial product images.

Different size mounting brackets are used to create a visual image of the board that “floats” on the wall surface. Alternatively, with aluminium rails mounted behind the finished image product, the plate can be easily hung on the wall.

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Suurkuvatulosteet - Signa Oy
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Suurkuvatulosteet - Signa Oy