Modula - Signa Oy


The meeting facilities of SIGNA Oy and MODULE

Changes are currently underway in offices and public spaces. Facilities are being made more flexible and large open spaces are being transformed into meeting spaces where you can talk on the phone or hold a meeting in peace and quiet without distracting noise.

SIGNA Oy carries out a wide range of modifications and as a natural extension to our product portfolio, we have added MODULE retreat areas. Module’s  SOLO, DUO and TEAM can be installed in a facility as a furniture element and can be moved according to the changes.  Their sleek, timeless design lends itself to a wide range of interiors.

All models have good sound insulation and sloping wall surfaces to create acoustically pleasant working conditions. Efficient ventilation ensures fresh air and the indirect lighting is designed to be glare-free to make the space comfortable to work in.

Meeting rooms can be personalised for your own use by installing privacy screens, branding the space with your corporate identity, or adding AV technology to create a remote meeting room. . The ModuleHygiene collection facility is equipped with an automatic UV-C-disinfection system that destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria – including the SARS CoV-2-coronavirus – within five minutes.

Module Solo allows you to concentrate even in the most hectic environments.

 Module Duo is a calm meeting place for two people.

 Module Team offers a calm and comfortable environment to ensure good decision-making.

Whether your premises needs a small or big change, please contact us. We are happy to be involved from design to implementation.

Have a lovely autumn!


Module - Signa Oy
Module - Signa Oy